Rod stewart - never a dull moment

Essentially a harder-rocking reprise of Every Picture Tells a Story , Never a Dull Moment never quite reaches the heights of its predecessor, but it's a wonderful, multi-faceted record in its own right. Opening with the touching, autobiographical rocker "True Blue," which finds Rod Stewart trying to come to grips with his newfound stardom but concluding that he'd "rather be back home," the record is the last of Stewart 's series of epic fusions of hard rock and folk. It's possible to hear Stewart go for superstardom with the hard-rocking kick and fat electric guitars of the album, but the songs still cut to the core. "You Wear It Well" is a "Maggie May" rewrite on the surface, but it develops into a touching song about being emotionally inarticulate. Similarly, "Lost Paraguayos" is funny, driving folk-rock, and it's hard not to be swept away when the Stonesy hard rocker "Italian Girls" soars into a mandolin-driven coda. The covers -- whether a soulful reading of Jimi Hendrix 's "Angel," an empathetic version of Dylan 's "Mama, You Been on My Mind," or a stunning interpretation of Etta James ' "I'd Rather Go Blind" -- are equally effective, making Never a Dull Moment a masterful record. He never got quite this good ever again.

Rod Stewart began his musical career after spending some time as an apprentice with the Brentford Football Club, touring Europe with folksinger Wizz Jones in the early '60s. During this time he was deported from Spain for vagrancy. When he returned to England in 1963, he joined the Birmingham-based R&B group Jimmy Powell & the Five Dimensions as a vocalist and harmonica player.
Stewart went on to join the Small Faces with Ron Wood (later of Rolling Stones fame). After a reshuffle of roles the bands name was shortened to The Faces. During this period Stewart had also signed a solo deal recording the smash hit album: Every Picture Tells a Story.

Rod Stewart - Never A Dull MomentRod Stewart - Never A Dull MomentRod Stewart - Never A Dull MomentRod Stewart - Never A Dull Moment